My Offerings

It is with my heartfelt pleasure that I wish to share my offerings to you.

In my personal work I offer “Surrendering into Self”

This is offered to you in my home and is a beautiful 3-hour (though usually runs to 4-hour) experience of indulgence. This offering is for YOU and as such I am here to treat you as the Queen you are.

If you live a life of constantly running from one pursuit to the next, stretching yourself to the limit, putting everyone else’s needs and wants before you own or feeling that you don’t deserve to be cared for. Or maybe you have not experienced conscious touch before, then please read on. This is a NON-SEXUAL offering, it is to reconnect you to yourself, allowing you to Surrender into Yourself. You do not have to be or do anything. This experience is all about YOU, it is about YOUR needs. I am here to serve YOU, my full focus is on YOU…

As such I will email you a questionnaire form beforehand, so that I can personalise your experience just for you. All information given will be treated with the utmost respect and never shared or discussed outside of your experience. I want this to be a freeing, nurturing and safe experience for you.

To begin with you will be welcomed and offered a drink as we sit and begin to connect with each other. As you tell me what it is you need from this experience. Please know that everything I do for you, is with your consent.

I will bath your feet to begin the relaxation of your body, followed by a Crystal Layout created just for you. This is then followed by a Crystal Massage using Essential oils.

You are then given the opportunity to chose from one of the following 3 experiences:

I will draw you an Essential Oil and Flower bath, this is your time to allow yourself to reconnect to yourself, to soften into your Body, to just BE & allow your mind to follow its own path.

A Beautiful Blissful Breast Massage using my own blend of Anahata (Heart) Essential Oils. Your Breast Massage is not only a beautiful experience of indulgence, it will open your Heart Chakra allowing you to receive more Love, feel more Compassion for yourself and others. It will allow you to release harmful thoughts and open you to Forgiveness.

Your own guided meditation written just for you and your longing. It may be a Grounding Meditation, a Chakra Balancing Meditation, a Heart Opening Meditation, a Goddess Meditation whatever you need I will tailor your meditation to meet those needs.

After we have come back from your chosen experience, I will invite you to accept my offer of Conscious Touch. This, my love is where you ask for want you want. It may be to simply be held, or be caressed with a soft and soothing touch. I offer you the time to truly Surrender into Self, to allow yourself to let-go of having to do anything. Let your Heart and Body direct me to give you the gift of My Love.

We will finish up with a time of reflection and sharing if you wish, as we sip a cup of tea.

I so look forward to giving you this amazing Gift, for I know this will fulfil your Hearts longing.

Blissful Blessings


Costing $189