Hello beautiful women, my name is Jada Dawson.

You are warmly welcomed to my page, my desire for you is to get to know me and my reasons for putting myself out there in social media.

A little of myself.. I am 54 years of age and loving being a Wise Woman.. I share my home with my beloved companion (dog) who is 15yrs. His name is Billy and he has been with me through many hardships where his unconditional love has got me through. He has also been with me through those times of pure joy and happiness.. I don’t have children of my own but I am so very Blessed to call my sisters children the daughter & son of my heart.. I believe that we all have the capacity to Love and for me that is what I do …live from my Heart.

I have been on spiritual path for many years and I love that this path has many different trails that always lead me back to the one path. I enjoy learning & practicing new modalities, reconnecting with ancient women’s practices, Meditations, Self-Love practices, Kundalini techniques, Tanta practices and Self-Care practices. All of which I combine to create my own heartfelt offerings…. Goddess of Divine Love

I was born with a degenerative medical condition called Charcot Marie Tooth syndrome. Easier to say CMT, it is a hereditary condition that affects the peripheral nervous system, the ending result being the loss of mobility, balance, strength in my feet/legs and hands/arms.
Of course, my family & I didn’t know this until I was in my 20’s. During my childhood, I had numerous surgeries with the belief that they would assist with my mobility and to some small degree, they did. However, after a misdiagnosis, I decided not to engage with the medical system for some years. As the years went on and the symptoms of my misdiagnoses did not appear, I then decided to really find the true cause of why my body was different from everyone else’s. Why I could not run, play sports etc. I wanted to share this with you not for sympathy rather that you see who I am. And if we met one day (which I would love) you will understand why I’m not steady on my feet (I like to say my internal dance is on the stage, dancing).

I strongly feel that living with any long-term physical condition does not have to control us. It does not define us or make us less in any way unless we choose it to. Yes, it inherently brings challenges to our everyday life, but for me it has also brought many wonderful gifts into my life. The art of laughing with myself, the ability to truly feel empathy & compassion for others. To know that a lot of the time when an event or outing says it is suitable for everyone we still have to check if that is really the truth. Are we as women living with a physical disability part of everyone? That is why all my offerings will always be suitable for you. You will never have to ask that question of “does that include me?” Because Yes my love it does.

My mission is that all women can come together to support each other, to hold each other in a place of love and strength. It is my belief that when women come together we can create a more harmonious environment, an environment for change. A space where we do not have to compete with one another for attention or to succeed in this world. There is and always has been enough light to shine our own light brightly without having to dim the light of other.