Hello beautiful women, my name is Jada Dawson.

You are warmly welcomed to my page, my desire for you is to get to know me and my reasons for putting myself out there on social media.

A little bit about me - I am 54 years of age and I love being a Wise Woman. I have been on a spiritual path for many years and I love that this path has many different trails that always lead me back to the one path. I enjoy learning & practising new modalities, reconnecting with ancient women’s practices, Meditations, Self-Love practices, Kundalini techniques, Tantra practices and Self-Care practices. All of which I combine to create my own heartfelt offerings…. Goddess of Divine Love

My mission is that all women can come together to support each other, to hold each other in a place of love and strength. It is my belief that when women come together we can create a more harmonious environment, an environment for change. A space where we do not have to compete with one another for attention or to succeed in this world. There is and always has been enough light to shine our own light brightly without having to dim the light of others.